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A second-generation Boston area attorney, Patrick M. Gioia has spent his career pursuing justice for his clients. Patrick has extensive experience litigating felony and misdemeanor criminal cases in the Massachusetts court system. He has successfully litigated hundreds of criminal cases and has tried several cases to a jury verdict. Patrick also has experience assisting clients with their other legal matters, including obtaining or defending restraining orders, sealing criminal records, and various other civil related litigation.

Patrick feels at home in the courtroom, standing besides his clients, and advocating passionately on their behalf. Born and raised in the Greater Boston area, he has a great appreciation for the local legal system, the culture of Massachusetts, and its cities, neighborhoods, and people. This unique perspective, cultivated over a lifetime, allows him to understand all aspects of a case and to achieve the best outcome for his clients and their families.

Patrick has one mission: to serve his clients. After being retained by a client, Patrick will create an individualized plan tailored to meet each client’s particular goal.  His success in implementing uniquely creative legal strategies has brought Gioia Law clients with exceptionally interesting and challenging work. As a client of Gioia Law, you come first, and each step of your case will be handled with exacting precision and the utmost care.

Areas of Practice

Gioia Law specializes in criminal law, government investigations and general litigation. In addition, we maintain relationships with attorneys and law firms practicing in many other areas of the law. Should we not be able to accept your matter we will refer you to a competent attorney who is able to meet your needs. 

2018 - 2019 Recent Highlights
Boston Municipal Court: Motion to dismiss leaving the scene of an accident, allowed - case dismissed. Quincy District Court: Violation of probation not found, client reprobated. Attleboro District Court: Drug possession charge dismissed day of trial - case dismissed. Wrentham District Court: Client found not guilty of kidnapping, strangulation, threats and domestic assault and battery after two-day jury trial. Quincy District Court: Lewdness charge dismissed day of trial - case dismissed. Brookline District Court: Motion to seal criminal record allowed. Boston Municipal Court: Violation of probation not found - Probation terminated. Wrentham District Court: Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing: No probable cause found - case dismissed. Quincy District Court: Commonwealth's motion to revoke bail denied - client released from custody. Boston Municipal Court: Charges dismissed prior to arraignment - case dismissed. Attorney’s General Office: After investigation no charges to issue. Boston Municipal Court: Appear for defendant at hearing for harassment prevention order - order terminated. Boston, MA: Favorable settlement reached in civil dispute. Wrentham District Court: Client found not guilty of OUI marijuana and negligent operation after jury trial. Boston Municipal Court: Carry a dangerous weapon and distribution of a controlled substance in a park zone - dismissed. BMC-Dorchester: Appear for Plaintiff at hearing for harassment prevention order - order extended. Dudley District Court: Petition to seal criminal record allowed. Quincy District Court: Split verdict jury trial - client not guilty of assault and battery. Brookline District Court: Motion to dismiss assault and battery with a dangerous weapon allowed - case dismissed. Quincy District Court: Motion to dismiss witness intimidation, refusal to give name, and operating after suspension allowed. Brookline District Court: Motion to terminate probation allowed. Plymouth District Court: Motion to dismiss OUI liquor, 3rd offense and OUI drugs 3rd offense allowed - case dismissed. Quincy District Court: Assault and battery on a disabled person dismissed - case dismissed. Wareham District Court: Year old warrant cleared - case dismissed. BMC - Brighton: Probation warrant cleared, Defendant not held. Quincy District Court: Leaving the scene of property damage, negligent operation dismissed - case dismissed. Fall River Probate Court: Restraining order preventing contact with child vacated. Boston Municipal Court: Motion to dismiss failure to register allowed - case dismissed. New Bedford District Court: Client receives pre-trial diversion for larceny by false pretenses. Boston Municipal Court: Aggravated rape and three related charges nolle prossed - case dismissed. Hingham District Court: Assault and battery on a family member dismissed - case dismissed. Quincy District Court: Motion to dismiss breaking and entering and vandalism allowed - case dismissed. Malden District Court: Assault and battery charge dismissed day of trial - case dismissed. Suffolk Superior Court: No probation violation found after full hearing. BMC-West Roxbury: HPO order terminated. BMC: Accord and Satisfaction prior to arraignment allowed - case dismissed. Cambridge District Court: Reckless endangerment of child charge dismissed. Quincy District Court: Receiving stolen property charge dismissed - case dismissed. Taunton District Court: Client given pre-trial diversion for abuse prevention order violation.
Other Highlights: Pre-Trial Diversion – Boston Municipal Court, South Boston Division
Client charged with resisting arrest and malicious destruction of property. Patrick was able to gather documents which attested to his client’s good character and then worked with the District Attorney’s Office to secure pre-trial diversion for his client.
Case Dismissed - Assault and Battery - Dangerous Weapon; Taunton District Court
Defendant charged with three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on three individuals who had entered the defendant's home ostensibly to reclaim property. The state moved to hold the defendant without bail pending trial on the basis of dangerousness. At the dangerousness hearing Attorney Gioia won his client's freedom through deftly crafted cross examination and argument. Gioia argued that the defendant had simply acted in self-defense of his family including his five young children. As the case proceeded, Gioia thoroughly investigated the charges by interviewing witnesses and filing discovery motions. On the day of trial Gioia moved to dismiss the case based in part on the theory of self-defense. Over the prosecutor's objection, Gioia's motion was allowed by the court and all counts were dismissed.
Case Dismissed - Possession of Cocaine with the Intent to Distribute; Wrentham District Court
Defendant charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute after twenty-five packets of cocaine and a large sum of U.S. currency were found by State Police during a search. The defendant exclaimed his innocence and Gioia planned for trial. Before trial however, Gioia moved to suppress the evidence, and at first his motion was denied. Then Gioia filed a motion to reconsider based on new case law and the motion was re-litigated. This time, the judge allowed Gioia's motion and all evidence was suppressed. The Commonwealth was then unable to proceed in the prosecution and the charge against Gioia's client was dismissed.
Probation Violation Hearing; Bristol County Superior Court
Defendant on probation for life felony was violated for picking up new felony charges. Attorney Gioia persuaded the court to allow his client to enter and complete a drug rehabilitation program rather than go to state prison as probation and the prosecutor had requested.
Not Guilty, Jury Trial, Indecent Assault and Battery; New Bedford District Court
Defendant charged with four counts of indecent assault and battery on two separate alleged victims. At trial, testimony from both complaining witnesses as well as from the chief investigating detective were vigorously contested by the defense, exposing several weaknesses in the state's case. Attorney Gioia further provided evidence of bias and a motive on the part of the witnesses to fabricate, and then ultimately persuaded the jury to acquit his client of all charges.
Clerk Magistrate's Hearing – Waltham District Court
The defendant received a summons for violation of a 209A order, specifically that he did not provide police with all owned firearms per the original order. After a clerk magistrate’s hearing, where Attorney Gioia zealously advocated on his client’s behalf, the clerk agreed not to issue the criminal complaint.
Case Dismissed – Domestic Assault and Battery; Brookline District Court
Attorney Gioia worked very closely with his client, whom, while in Boston as a tourist on vacation from Hungary, had been wrongfully charged with domestic assault and battery. Just fifteen days after his arraignment, Patrick was able to get the charges against the defendant dropped. His client in turn was very pleased and able to return home overseas.
Case Dismissed Prior to Arraignment – Boston Municipal Court, Central Division
Patrick secured a dismissal prior to arraignment for his client, an out of state working professional, by performing an in-depth investigation into the allegations against his client and by then providing the District Attorney’s Office with information that convinced the state to drop all charges.
Case Dismissed - Client charged with Assault and Battery on a Police Officer; Quincy District Court
Through pre-trial investigation, Attorney Gioia unearthed video surveillance that showed the purported altercation and after viewing the video promptly filed a motion to dismiss. Gioia then passionately argued to the Court that his client had in fact committed no crime and was instead wrongfully charged. Over the state's objection, the Court allowed Attorney Gioia's motion to dismiss, and the defendant was released from custody.
Criminal Record Sealing; Fall River District Court
Attorney Gioia filed papers on his client's behalf with the commissioner of probation and certain charges on the defendant's criminal record were administratively sealed. Gioia then filed a petition to seal the remaining charges and went before a judge. After the hearing, the petition to seal was allowed, and the defendant's criminal record was sealed in its entirety.
Case Dismissed - Domestic Assault and Battery; Plymouth District Court
Attorney Gioia led an extensive investigation into the complaining witness’ allegations, and then was able to convince a judge to dismiss the charges against his client, thus securing his client's freedom from custody.
Case Dismissed Prior To Arraignment - Valor Act; Quincy District Court
Defendant charged with five counts of receiving stolen property spread out over two separate dockets. Before arraignment, Gioia identified a key issue in the defendant's background, specifically that he was enlisted in the U.S. Navy but had not yet deployed for active duty. Attorney Gioia then persuaded a judge to defer arraignment to further evaluate whether or not the Valor Act was applicable. Gioia then worked with state representatives from Veterans' Affairs and the District Attorney's Office to determine that the Valor Act was indeed appropriate. Eventually all the charges against the defendant were dismissed prior to arraignment and his criminal record remained devoid of any criminal entries. The client was then able to proceed to basic training unencumbered by a criminal record.
Not Guilty Jury Trial - OUI, second offense; New Bedford District Court
Defendant charged with OUI, second offense. Police observed the defendant driver switch seats with a backseat passenger after being stopped, as well as glassy eyes, slurred speech, and the smell of alcohol. However, after a jury trial, where Gioia aggressively cross examined several police officers and skillfully presented demonstrative evidence, the jury acquitted the defendant of all charges.
Education: Admissions; Organizations & Awards; Employment History

• University of New Hampshire, B.A., 2006
• University of Miami School of Law, J.D., 2010


• Massachusetts (2011)
• United States District Court, Massachusetts (2017)


• Boston Bar Association Criminal Law Section Member
• Quincy Bar Association – Treasurer
• Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys

Awards and Honors:

• Norfolk County Bar Association 2016 Pro Bono Award
• Speaker: Correctional Crisis Interventional Training, May 2017
• First Circuit Federal Judicial Conference Invitee, October 2017
• Guest Speaker at Mental Health Court MCLE, May 2018

9.5Patrick Madden Gioia
Employment History

Before entering private practice Patrick spent five years as a Massachusetts state staff attorney for the Committee for Public Counsel Services. At CPCS, Patrick received valuable training and trial experience. He represented criminal defendants in Massachusetts courts charged with misdemeanor and felony crimes. According to Patrick, “My time at CPCS gave me valuable insights into the criminal justice system and how disadvantaged people are adversely affected. I also learned how to evaluate and defend a case, and often obtained favorable results for my clients."

"Because of Pat, I'm a free man." Jesse B.
"With Patrick, I was always kept up to date on what was going on with my case and what was coming next. He was easily accessible by phone or email and always answered my questions with thoughtfulness and honesty. In the end, the government dropped all the charges. I was very thankful." Peter E.
"During my restraining order hearing, Attorney Gioia was my voice in the courtroom and aggressively stood up for my rights. I knew I was in good hands with him." J.A.
"I hired Pat to seal my record because I wanted to apply for a promotion at work. Pat made the process easy to understand and within a couple weeks my record was sealed." D.B.
"My landlord hired a big law firm and moved to evict me. I hired Attorney Gioia. He filed several counter claims on my behalf. Attorney Gioia was then able to negotiate a deal where my eviction case was dismissed." S.D.
"I was very concerned about my criminal case because a bad result could have made me deportable. On the day of trial Attorney Gioia filed several motions, and after reviewing the motions the prosecutor agreed to divert my case from the trial track- and eventually dismissed my case six months later. To say the very least, I was so relieved." S.S.
"I found Pat very knowledgable. He was honest with me and gave me my options straight. I could tell he really cared about my case and helped me through the difficulties I faced." Henry V.
"I was charged with OUI and I hired Pat to defend me. Whenever I called him I either got him on the phone or he called me back shortly. Pat guided me through the entire process and in the end my OUI charge was dismissed." S.H.
Attorney Michael Santomaro, Of Counsel
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Gioia Law is privileged to have the services of Attorney Michael J. Santomaro. Michael is a dedicated litigator, natural negotiator, and is steadfastly committed to the goals of his clients. Michael prides himself on his knowledge, preparedness, and achieving successful outcomes for his clients both in and out of the courtroom. Before entering the practice of law, Michael had an extensive career in business. Michael worked for two world-class companies (Global 500 and Forbes Top 20) which provided him with top caliber training and equipped him with the tools to excel in the most competitive environments. Michael has taken those tools and now applies that experience to his litigation practice to maximize his clients’ ability to attain first-rate results.

Michael’s practice is focused on litigation, primarily criminal defense, restraining orders, business litigation, and personal injury. Michael is adapt at handling all types of criminal manners including, operating under the influence, (OUI / DUI), drug violations, and marijuana related investigations. Michael has an in-depth knowledge of constitutional rights and police procedures which he uses to gain an advantage for his clients in the courtroom. By gaining such an advantage, Michael enables his clients to garner extraordinary results.

Michael’s civil practice is focused on business litigation and personal injury. Michael draws from his business background to successfully negotiate with insurance companies and opposing counsel. If no settlement can be reached, then Michael is prepared to go to trial to fight for his clients. For Michael, his clients come first. Through this client-centered approach to the practice of law, and relentless dedication to justice, Michael ensures that his clients receive the financial remedy that they most deserve.

Michael earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Babson College and his J.D. from New England Law Boston.  Michael is admitted to practice in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


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